Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer docking?

Yes- $20/day based on availability. First come first serve

Can I ice my boat here?

Ice is $5/bushel (you can't beat that!) or $16/bar with a five bar minimum to use the auger

When do your fishing boats come in?

We offload anywhere from 5,000lbs-40,000lbs of fresh fish every week. We try to have our boats come in on Mondays and Fridays, however weather and fish don't always cooperate. Call the dock to check for the next boat scheduled! 

Can I fish off the dock?

We are happy to have people fishing off the finger piers of the dock (not the fueling slips or end of the T-dock) during business hours (7AM-6PM). Just stay mindful of boats coming in and out!

What kind of fish do you sell?

Red grouper and red snapper are our primary catches, however plenty of variety comes across the dock. Hog fish, lion fish, scamp grouper, gag grouper, and seasonal stone crab are just come of the stuff we have coming in. Call for the catch of the day

Do you ship seafood?

We are working on shipping directly to customers in the future.