Welcome to Don’s Dock – your one-stop shop for all things seafood and fishing fun! Whether you’re gearing up for a fantastic fishing adventure or just need to restock your seafood stash, Hubbard’s Seafood Market has got you covered. Nestled inside the vibrant John’s Pass, our market offers the freshest catch, featuring a variety of wild-caught fish and shellfish. And that’s not all – you can also book an exciting fishing charters, dolphin cruises, private charters or island excursions. 


When you swing by Hubbard’s Seafood Market at Don’s Dock, you’ll find more than just great seafood. Ask us about our fishing charters and check out our supplies. We’ve got competitive fuel prices, affordable ice, a fantastic selection of bait and tackle, plus all the snacks and refreshments you need. Come on down and make Hubbard’s Seafood Market your new favorite spot for seafood delights and fishing thrills!

What is Don’s Dock?

Don’s Dock is a marina situated within beautiful, scenic, Fish Famous, John’s Pass. It’s also the location of Hubbard’s Seafood Market, a Fishing Company renowned for providing high-quality fishing trips and private charters now provides fresh wild-caught fish and shellfish. 

Where is Don’s Dock located?

Discover Don’s Dock nestled within John’s Pass at 215 Boardwalk Pl E, Madeira Beach, FL 33708. Easily located at the Southeast corner of the pass, on the first floor. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of John’s Pass, a charming village and boardwalk boasting an outdoor shopping and dining haven. Indulge in the freshest seafood options as you explore Hubbard’s Seafood Market; choose from a selection of snapper, grouper, shellfish, and more. You can also have your chosen seafood filleted and ready for a delicious dinner in no time.

Does Don's Dock sell whole fish?

While Don’s Dock isn’t classified as a traditional seafood market, it serves as the venue for Hubbard’s Seafood Market. Explore the diverse selection of fish and shellfish at Hubbard’s Seafood Market, where you have the option to purchase whole fish. Visit our online store or drop by the shop within Don’s Dock to browse and select the fish that suits your taste. Hubbard’s Seafood Market proudly offers a range of options, including whole snapper, grouper, and other by-catch like Hogfish and more. Our selection features the freshest catches brought in daily, so regularly check for updates on the latest available fresh catches.